Ecology of fish hearing

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:Putland, RL, Montgomery, JC, Radford, CA
Journal:Journal of Fish Biology
Date Published:May-11-2019
Keywords:anthropogenic noise, fish hearing, sound detection, sound production

Underwater sound is directional and can convey important information about the surrounding environment or the animal emitting the sound. Therefore, sound is a major sensory channel for fishes and plays a key role in many life‐history strategies. The effect of anthropogenic noise on aquatic life, which may be causing homogenisation or fragmentation of biologically important signals underwater is of growing concern. In this review we discuss the role sound plays in the ecology of fishes, basic anatomical and physiological adaptations for sound reception and production, the effects of anthropogenic noise and how fishes may be coping to changes in their environment, to put the ecology of fish hearing into the context of the modern underwater soundscape.

Short Title:J Fish Biol
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