Underwater Soundscape Monitoring and Fish Bioacoustics: A Review

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Alkuperäinen tekijä:Lindseth, A, Lobel, P
Date Published:Jan-09-2018
Avainsanat:acoustic monitoring, ambient noise, coral reef, Environmental monitoring, fish, passive acoustic detection, underwater sound

Soundscape ecology is a rapidly growing field with approximately 93% of all scientific articles on this topic having been published since 2010 (total about 610 publications since 1985). Current acoustic technology is also advancing rapidly, enabling new devices with voluminous data storage and automatic signal detection to define sounds. Future uses of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) include biodiversity assessments, monitoring habitat health, and locating spawning fishes. This paper provides a review of ambient sound and soundscape ecology, fish acoustic monitoring, current recording and sampling methods used in long-term PAM, and parameters/metrics used in acoustic data analysis.

Short Title:Fishes
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