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R package for the analysis and synthesis of sound (seewave).

Making or characterized by a hissing sound.
See Syllable
In bioacoustics this term is used in two main sense: in the broadest sense it is applied to the deliberate acoustic output of animals (or a group of animals) in general, and in a more restricted sense it is applied to the acoustic output of a particular species or individual. [bib]17157[/bib]
sound wave
"Sound is arbitrarily defined as consisting of disturbances of the air of low intensity irrespective of whether or not they are of such a frequency and intensity as to produce the sensation of hearing in a human being. This definition of sound is open to objections. First,it excludes water-borne sounds. ... Secondly,it excludes sounds transmitted through the substrate." [bib]57306[/bib]
See stridulation.
Sound produced by rubbing a series of projections (file; pars stridens) against a plectrum.
Sound created by rubbing body parts (more general than stridulation).
See Echeme-sequence
See Syllable
In Orthoptera: The sound produced by one to-and-fro movement of the stridulatory appartus.

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