A new striped species of Dendropsophus (Anura: Hylidae) with a composite advertisement call and comments on the D. rubicundulus group

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:Jansen, Santana, Teixeira, Köhler
Journal:Vertebrate Zoology
Start Page:227
Parole chiave:advertisement call, Amphibia, bioacoustics, Cerrado, Chiquitanía, Dendropsophus tritaeniatus, species delimitation, taxonomy

Herein we describe Dendropsophus rozenmani sp. nov. based on morphological, bioacoustic, and molecular data. This new species is distinguished from other species of Dendropsophus by its small size (SVL 18.7–21.1 mm in adult males and 19.6–23.2 mm in females); in life, dorsal ground coloration brown, with two anterior parallel and straight, dark brown stripes and a middorsal sacral stripe; and lateral limits of dorsal coloration above tympanum. In addition, the new species differs from all other species of the D. rubicundulus group (along with D. anataliasiasi) by having a composite advertisement call, i.e., a series of calls consisting of two call types. In a phylogenetic tree based on 494 bp of the 16S mitochondrial gene, four species of Dendropsophus, D. cruzi, D. juliani, and D. sanborni and one candidate species, D. juliani A, are positioned within the rubicundulus species group which poses questions on the monophyly of this group as well as its morphological definition. The occurrence of both single and composite calls in the D. rubicundulus group suggests future studies on the call evolution in that group as well as the whole genus.

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