Bornean treefrogs of the genus Philatus (Rhacophoridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Alkuperäinen tekijä:Dring
Start Page:19

Bornean Philatus are placed in ten species of four species-groups: the hosei-group includes hosei (Boulenger) and ingeri sp. n.; the vermiculatus-group, acutus sp. n. and kerangae sp. n.; the tectus-group, tectus sp. n.; the aurifasciatus-group, amoenus Smith, longicrus (Boulenger), mjobergi Smith, petersi (Boulenger) and umbra sp. n. The taxa acutirostris (Peters), longicrus, mjobergi and petersi are removed from the synonymy of aurifasciatus (Schlegel).

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