A New Cryptic Species of the Adenomera andreae Clade from Southwestern Amazonia (Anura, Leptodactylidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:De Carvalho, Angulo, Kokubum, Barrera, De Souza, Haddad, Giaretta
Date Published:Jan-09-2019
Kata kunci:Amazon rain forest, bioacoustics, biodiversity, integrative taxonomy, Leptodactylinae, Tambopata

We describe a new Amazonian species of Adenomera that corresponds to one of the acoustic signals and morphs from Tambopata National Reserve (Adenomera ‘‘Forest Call I’’) and to a confirmed candidate species (Adenomera sp. E) in the most recently published phylogeny for the genus. The new species is distinguished from all 19 described congeners by its unique advertisement call, consisting of a single multipulsed note, formed by 22–35 partly fused pulses (greatest pulse number recorded for the genus among species with partly fused notes). The new species is further distinguished from most congeners in having toe tips expanded into small discs. Its distribution is associated with the Amazonian region encompassing western Brazil (state of Acre), southeastern Peru, and north-central Bolivia.

Short Title:Herpetologica
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